Strategic Application Development

For Building ROI Driven Products

We are the Australia-based software development company of full-cycle custom application engineering and team staffing solutions.

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Software Development Process

The idea and technical requirements

At this stage, our project managers and business analysts talk to a client to decide on the mission work scope and key milestones. We create an initial sketch of the program and discover its key components, features, usability, monetization strategy, and many others. We encourage a client, as a product owner, to be a part of the brainstorming process and discussion as we want the product to perform to its fullest abilities and attain the business dreams.

UI design

Even as today’s software environment is overwhelmed with similar functionality programs, the design is one of the key differentiators that facilitates an app stand out in the stores. UI can earn more stars for a product than some of its features. Our strategy is to elaborate the design on the basis of the core functionality to make it the handiest and user-friendly. When the UI design is prepared, we begin the program coding.


Our team sets a foundation for the product developing the back-end that includes databases, social integration, architecture, and other essential elements. The specialists test the fully-functional program against real life cases and overall performance eventualities. Speaking of Android, we must test it on as many screens as possible. We have access to over a hundred Android-based gadgets to ensure the application will operate correctly and be visually appealing on each of them. When all the bugs are detected and fixed, we proceed to the final stage: the release.


We publish an operating app and all required documentation to the corresponding store - the one of Apple or Google Play. As a value-added service, we assist you to promote the product, reach the target audience and drive it to the top charts of the global stores. We never leave our clients and support them even after launch. Our specialists are always ready to upgrade, update or change the software in compliance with the ever-changing digital environment and the growing needs of your business.

Web development services

We create mobile friendly websites (responsive and adaptive) that look great and work seamlessly.
  • MVP(minimum valuable product) - our team assist with future-proofing the web undertaking idea or concept in order to verify its feasibility, accumulate target group feedback, or exhibit a clickable prototype to buyers / corporate management to better pitch the product and get budget approval.
  • Cloud development - we help to build strategic roadmaps and harness the power of Cloud technologies to access large value savings and include big data analytics functionality for the web solution. Enterprise development - we create robust web systems and leverage a mixed capability of large data and analytics, Cloud and the Internet of things (IOT).
  • E- commerce development - we use the possibilities of open source e-commerce systems like Magento, Drupal, Opencart as well as our bespoke software creation expertise to construct expert web retail solutions that promote the business, add interactivity and bring a healthy ROI.

Application strategy

Through thorough market research and product design sprints, we assist with the software development approach permitting you to:
  • Increase sales or advertising leads
  • Build brand awareness and substantially increase online visibility
  • Enhance user experience
  • Reduce charges and risks
  • Improve internal workflow
  • Gain appropriate return on investment

UI / UX design

Wireframing and IA(information architecture). Based on market studies and application development strategy, we perceive the right key performance indicators. We conduct a thorough focus group research to test how the potential users will interact with the functions (as reflected in wireframes). Detailed analysis of user behaviour (presented as storyboards) lets us gather user feedbacks and efficaciously transform information into the motion plan to enhance the app layout. As a result, we assist you to pick UI/UX design that will perfectly fit exactly to your app and most handy to users. We make sure the app’s design completely suits your company brand and corporate style so that it is perceived as an indispensable element of your brand’s unified entity.

Our clients

  • AMD
  • PlayStation
  • nzmsa

We provide superior and senior tech expertise to help other companies with their strategic software roadmaps; product ideation, evidence of concept and prototyping; software program architecture and development; UX/UI design, QA testing, and different technology needs.

We have been in custom software development since 2010 and have assisted our companions in lots of industries, whether it was machinery, production or retail, attaining their commercial goals and cope with their demanding situations through permitting and evolving tech innovation.

Our devoted team can assist efficaciously migrate your current software program, streamline and evolve the functionality or construct a fantastic original solution from scratch in a cost-effective manner without compromising the product excellence.

Looking for seasoned Android developers or outsource the entire mobile project?

We provide custom and Android app development offerings to help you to launch a groundbreaking utility with precise UX layout and features for the Google marketplace.

The Android development group comprise passionate and experienced specialists who have mastered this platform in and out and understand the way to build solutions with a sustainable and extended lifecycle. With our know-how and expertise, you could easily leverage the features and characteristics of what is called a contemporary Android app.

In our company, we recognise the app’s vision and input, but always ready to suggest improvements and features to provide the product with the maximum value in sale phrases, consumer acquisition and brand recognition.

  • By hiring our team, you can be sure that you get the high-quality Android developers on your undertaking and the app will work and look exceptional on any Android device.
  • We love what we do, and the outcomes speak for themselves - take a look at out our portfolio to learn more about the mobile development cases and skills we have.

Whether you want to build the iOS app from scratch or re-design and upgrade a present one - we have the appropriate background that could assist.

iOS development has always been at the centre of our activity because iPhone has modified the way people use their gadgets and we keep seeking to make this interaction more useful for your business needs.

As early adopters, our developers had experimented with app principles, layout, usability and features until we mastered the competencies and have become self-confident enough to offer really advanced iOS app decisions. Applications that operate flawlessly and are capable of providing suitable ROI and consumer loyalty.

Are you looking to build a mobile utility for iOS and Android, but don’t have the funds for both due to the time or budget obstacles?

We offer tailor-made cross-platform solutions that permit drastically reduce the utility development finances and speed up a time to market the product. By taking benefits of the cutting-edge cross-platform stack such as Xamarin, PhoneGap and others, we can create a hybrid mobile app in a cost-efficient way and ensure your top line boom and backside savings.

Our cross-platform solutions are ROI-stimulated and offer actionable results that can be transformed into the accelerated earnings and better loyalty from the start.

When is it recommended to build hybrid mobile packages?

  • You have a constrained timeframe. Building a cross-platform app is twice faster than developing a native iOS, Android and Windows program. So, if time to market is the essential component and you need to reach numerous important mobile structures immediately in preference to only one, we quite recommend you to consider cross-platform development. We have a powerful code library, accelerators and reusables that permit us to bring the full-fledged app to global market really fast.
  • You are on a circumscribed budget. Let’s do a real check: for native app development, you need to hire two or more venture groups (depending on the target range of systems), one for each platform. This adds up considerably to the overall cost of development. Using our cross-platform development abilities, you could decrease the budget by 30% - 40% or even more if there are more than two target systems.
  • You need to hold the maintenance expenses as low as possible. It is usually much less expensive to maintain a cross-platform utility than a native one because of a large code overlap between mobile platforms. In some cases, code reuse in hybrid apps can be as high as 90%! You don’t need to hire a separate developer and a QA engineer to keep and guide each particular platform software.

When is it not recommended to rely on cross-platform development?

  • You need a product with a slick and polished look and feel. In view that native development implies the use of developer KITs, professional guidelines and compliance with coding standards, it is much easier to build apps with a stunning UI/UX using all of the controls and UI features available to developers of every mobile platform. Making cross-platform apps with the identical level of UI polish and UX excellence is an arduous and time-ingesting assignment. And nevertheless, it will be difficult to acquire the look and feel that may be finished more easily with native development.
  • You need robust and complicated functions and features consisting of massive facts and analytics or heavy animations. Deploying such functions to hybrid apps is bulky and calls for particular kluges. The native code ensures the best overall performance, less complicated integration with data analytics and visualisation tools, and plenty more elegant and smooth UI. We propose you better do not skimp on app robustness in case you are without a doubt seeking for feature complexity and speciality.

Our toolbox of web development

  • Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Ruby/Rails, .NET, PHP, Java, C++;
  • Frameworks: Node.js, Bootstrap, Foundation, MDL, Symfony, Zend, Play, Spark, Express;
  • UI Frameworks and Widgets: jQuery UI, Kendo UI, Bootstrap;
  • Databases: RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB;
  • Cross-platform: Ionic, Xamarin, Cordova, Phonegap;
  • Editors and tools: Atom, NPM, Visual Studio Code, Git.